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  • 120,16 € Backorder 4-10 days
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    Sigden Bedroom ceiling mount for TV's 40'' or bigger. The SM02W is the bigger version of our bedroom ceiling mount. It is dedicated to 40” or bigger TVs.

    120,16 €
    Backorder 4-10 days
  • 112,10 € On stock !
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    Bedroom ceiling mount for TV's between 32'' and 40''. The SM03W is a smaller version of our bedroom ceiling mout. It us dedicated to TV’s between 32”and 40′.

    112,10 €
    On stock !
  • 32,26 € On stock !
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    Premium-line wall mount, which is made of lightweight aluminium, to give a TV tilt, rotate and swivel flexibility. The TV mount is supplied with a bubble level to guarantee a perfectly straight position and features a built-in cable management system to keep cables neatly and safely organised. A manual and all required mounting materials are included to...

    32,26 €
    On stock !
  • 53,15 € Backorder 4-10 workingdays
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    Attach a television to this Valueline TV wall mount to be able to tilt, swivel and rotate it. This provides you with great flexibility to adjust the TV as you wish to get that perfect viewing angle under any conditions. Including all required installation materials and a manual to install the TV mount fast and easy.

    53,15 €
    Backorder 4-10 workingdays
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

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