Terms and conditions



SPARESTORE.com is Suomen Suoratoimitus Oy (VAT:FI25267174) sales channel.

The following general terms and conditions are governed by Suomen Suoratoimitus Oy (hereinafter referred to as the SSO) and its customers, between the trade relationship.

SSO reserves the right to change the terms of the contract by a unilateral decision without prior notice.

SSO is not responsible for damage caused by force majeure. The SSO shall notify the Customer as soon as it is possible to force majeure.



SSO sell products and services to consumers and businesses.

Consumer sales, in accordance with applicable Finnish and European Union consumer protection legislation. These terms and conditions do not apply to the extent that they restrict the rights of the consumer about what mandatory law is imposed.

Corporate customers and SSO between the trade agreement is subject to Finnish trade law unless these terms and conditions or with the customer as otherwise specified.

The customer is required to vacate the order making full contact details, which include consumer-customer for at least the name, address and phone number and any email address. Corporate customers the information required is contact name, phone number and e-mail, as well as business identification number, mailing address, telephone number or numbers, and, where appropriate, the billing address.

Delivery estimates are prepared in accordance with the manufacturers' information. SSO or its suppliers are not responsible for the sphere of influence coming from outside of unforeseen delays caused by the changes. The trade agreement will come into effect the order has logged SSO system.

Privacy Policy: Customer information is stored in the SSO's customer register, in which the information is used for customer relationship maintenance and care.

SSO also has the right to handle and dispose of the registered data justified uses (such as direct marketing) of the Personal Data Act (523/99) in accordance with the. Personal Data Act, according to the register description is available on each of the e-commerce home page.

You may refuse the use of their data and processing for marketing purposes, and to check their information, contact the SSO's customer service.



VAT 24% is added to the price.

Product prices rise before the consignment processing, the ordered products are delivered in the original price. If changes are made to order, determined by the change in the price of the product at the price. With the falling price of the product will automatically deliver new lower price.

The consumer is the Consumer Protection Act, according to trade right of cancellation.

Products and services are always sold as they are.



A current list of payment methods can be found in the order section.



A current list of shipping methods can be found in each e-commerce site.

Order processing time is 1-5 working days, on average, an automatic order confirmation is sent. Transit time is usually 1-2 working days.

Right to return the consumer is the Consumer Protection Act. Corporate customers rebates are negotiated individually.

Return instructions can be found on the information page separately.



Warranty is determined by the manufacturer's warranty defined by the terms and conditions. The buyer is obliged to read the warranty terms and conditions before using the product. Warranty terms and conditions can be found in the operating instructions for the separate takuulomakkeesta indicated by the manufacturer, or web address.

Any product damage must be notified to the immediate SSO's customer service. The customer can not claim an error if it was not notified within 14 days.

Installed electrical products, the warranty applies only if the installation has been completed having the electrical permit professional. As an spare parts distributor, SSO does not accept any responsibility in connection with or after installation, material or personal damages.

  • We are NOT in responsible for the installation
  • We are NOT in responsible of the possible material damaged
  • We are NOT in responsible of the possible personal injurys

Electrical spare parts replacement is always subject to license, and the license holder must have sufficient electrical qualifications and insurance.



Complaints and disputes are specified in terms of delivery separately.



Products and services are always sold as they are. SSO is not responsible for products or services, error and / or use of any indirect or direct costs and loss of income.

SSO's liability is always limited by the terms of the contract content and a maximum amount of the purchase price to restore. Product Liability for defects is limited to the possible return of the purchase price.