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Bipolar switch 16A 250V

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Bipolar switch 16A 250V. Max. temperature 120°C. With indicator light. Mounting hole 22x30 mm. For models:HCG-1.10-11, HCG-10-11, HCG-10-21, HCG-2.10, HCG-2.10-11, HCG-20, HCG-20-11, HCG-20-21, HCG-2-20-11, HCG-6-11, HGC-10, HGC-2.10, HGC-20, HGC-6, HVG-1011, HVG-10-11, HVG-10-11UL, HVG-1021, HVG-10-21, HVG-10-21UL, HVG-10UL, HVG-2.10, HVG-2.10-11...

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