Franke F400 series
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Franke F400 series

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Reference: 110.0037.972

Brand: Franke (Futurum, Faber)

Franke F480-16 interior hood (110.0037.972)

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Franke interior hood F480-16 fits into the Kartanp hoods. The model F480-16 is a control hood that controls the exterior engine like a top fan. Thus, this model is also suitable for ventilation of the whole apartment, i.e. so-called. B3 on the system.

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Reference: 110731

Brand: Franke (Futurum, Faber)

Franke Futurum metalfilter (F400 series)

Review(s): 54

Franke & Futurum creasefilter, metal. For models Franke & Futurum F400, Franke & Futurum F420, Franke & Futurum F480, Franke & Futurum F480-6, Franke & Futurum F480-16, Franke & Futurum F490, Franke & Futurum F495, Upo E6080

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